Take on the Journey of Motherhood with Confidence!

Marley & Moo Maternity will help to prepare, educate, and support you and your family through the journey of pregnancy, to motherhood and beyond.   We believe in bringing non-judgmental, professional and reliable support to your motherhood journey.  By providing a variety of services including childbirth/new parent education, birth/postpartum doula services, postpartum recovery care, meal preparation, placenta encapsulation and breastfeeding support, we help you bring out your inner confidence to rock motherhood like a boss!  

Childbirth classes & breastfeeding

Birth Like A Boss - Childbirth Education

Finding out you are expecting is an extremely joyous time in you and your family's life.  However, as the excitement begins to settle in, you realize how overwhelming this amazing experience will be.  Breathe easy, because your feelings of anxiousness are not uncommon and you have someone by your side to guide.  Marley & Moo Maternity childbirth and new parent class will teach you all the in's and out's of having a new baby.

Pregnancy motherhood

Doula Services

Marley & Moo Maternity supports all families (single, first-time, seasoned, LGBT and adoptive mothers) by creating a customized plan that fits your specific needs.  Our team will walk you through the process of labor and delivery and be there to hold your hand during both the birth and postpartum process.

Postpartum recovery Placenta Encapsulation

Postpartum Support Services

At Marley & Moo Maternity, your care does not end after the birth of your baby.  Your health, well-being and recovery is number one to us!  Try out one of our many postpartum wellness services to help assist you with optimal recovery.

Upon request we also offer bedrest support, online and in-person maternity consulting and planning, baby registry assistance and much more.


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