Looking for a birth experience that leaves you feeling confident and empowered?  One that allows you and your partner to voice your wishes as you navigate through the birth process with unbiased and consistent support?  Look no further - Marley & Moo™ Maternity will help you take control of your birth.

A Doula recognizes birth as a key experience the mother will remember all her life and understands the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of a woman in labor.  They provide emotional support, physical comfort measures and an objective viewpoint, as well as help new parents get the necessary information they need to make informed decisions for their family.  Mothers nationwide have found that the presence of a doula has not only had positive benefits on their experience with their pregnancy and labor process but also on their postpartum recovery and first year with baby.  

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Benefits of Having Labor Support Include:

Decreased medical intervention in labor
Increased satisfaction with her partner and her birth experience
Reduces the overall cesarean rate by 50%
Reduces use and request of pain medication by 28%
Reduces dissatisfaction with birth by 33%
Reduces length of labor by 25% to 50%

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What does labor support look like with Marley & Moo™?

At Marley & Moo™ Maternity we believe that every women deserves to look back at her birth day and feel good about her experience.  We understand that there are many different ways mothers bring life into the world and we will support you in your decisions and choices, whatever they may be.  

Working with Marley & Moo™ for labor support is like having your own personal labor and pregnancy coach.  From the day you decide to join our family, we will provide 24/7 non-judgmental support to you and your partner.  We will help educate you and your partner on your choices, answer those questions you are too afraid to ask anyone else, provide the support you need to feel confident in your decisions, and be your cheerleader the whole way through.

Prior to your birth day, our doulas will visit with you and your partner one on one to teach you labor positions, assist with birth plan preparation and so much more.  We will get to know your wishes, anxieties, and hopes for your birth on a deeper level and customize our support specifically to you.  We will go through the different options that you have in order to help you feel ready and prepared to rock your birth like a boss!

Giving birth can be exciting but also overwhelming.  It can also sometimes be long and strenuous.  When the big day arrives, we will be right by your side to help provide continuous support at your home or birth place and help you navigate the process.  

Your baby has arrived, now what?

After the big day our support continues.  We visit you during the first week after your return home and provide you with additional support and referrals as needed.  We want to ensure you have all the information necessary to start your new life strong and confident.  Ask us anything and we will be there to help!    

Want to go the extra mile with your care?

We have created a Premium Support Doula Package to take care of you momma.  By focusing on essential services to aide in a successful postpartum recovery, we will help ensure you are left feeling great after your delivery. Receive all the benefits of our Full Support Doula Package along with select postpartum recovery services, including a postpartum physical therapy session with our Licensed Physical Therapist, lactation support, and postpartum doula support.

Our Birth Doulas are available for first-time, experienced, natural, medicated, and cesarean labors.  Packages range from $800 - $1,900 USD.  Last minute clients accepted based on availability.  Contact Marley & Moo Maternity for additional package details.  Create a customized package by adding additional postpartum recovery services to your care package.  

See What Our Clients Have To Say 

She seriously showed me the strength of 1000 women while supporting me through a long, hard labor...As soon as she met us at the hospital she did not stop supporting me and my decisions surrounding our birth. When I first met her, she reminded me a lot of my twin sister and I felt so connected to that so that’s why I picked her. It has to be one of the best decisions I ever made. Doula’s change birth, they support women and their choices, they validate you and encourage you when you feel literally hopeless. As a labor and delivery nurse I think we all deserve a doula present at our births! Latina you gave me all the positive energy I needed to get through the day and taught me so much about natural labor and birth that I can apply it to my own career. You also give the best back rubs, hands down lol. Thank you for what you do, you are changing the world!
— K. Saenz
Latina is a fantastic Doula with a real passion for her work. She was so good and calm with [my client] and respected the normal flow of labor. Excellent work. Nice birth!
— J. Griggs, Midwife
By two minutes into our meeting I wanted to know where to sign! It was an easy decision, I knew I wanted Latina on my team. Latina brings an entirely different perspective of birth to the table. We have such a polluted view of pain and hospitals when it comes to birth, and Latina just balances all of that with the notion of a peaceful birthing experience where we have the ability to work towards and affect the type of birth we want to have. I cannot think of my birth experience and Latina’s presence there without
smiling. SUCH an incredible experience. This birth was literally a team effort. It was just so many wonderful people coming together to help let natural birth happen, and Latina was a HUGE part of our success. I’m overjoyed with my experience and if we ever venture into the adventures of a THIRD child Latina will be the first person I call!!!
— N. Goode
I used Marley & Moo before, during, and after my labor, and I couldn’t have asked for, or even dreamed of a better experience. I always left Prenatal Yoga feeling stronger, more relaxed, and more empowered to face the challenges of pregnancy. During labor, her support was amazing. She was there for the entirety of my long labor and was a reassuring voice and smile when we didn’t know what to do or what to expect. She ensured my birth plan was known and followed. When things got rough she would refocus me with confidence and use her amazing pain coping techniques!! Because of her, I had the birthing experience I wanted. The food delivery after we got home was a life saver! The food WAS AMAZING! The meals were nutritious and filling, oH and did I mention DE-FREAKING-LICIOUS!!! I would recommend all of Marley & Moo’s services to anyone looking to have a natural and supportive birthing experience.
— J. Wilson
I’m a first time mom and idea of having a natural birth was a bit scary at first but thanks to my Doula, Latina, keeping me informed about all my available birthing options, getting a birth plan together, breathing techniques, and comfortable laboring positions/ techniques my confidence about natural birth increased and the seemingly 72 hours I was in early/active labor was a breeze. Yes of course it was painful but also pleasant. She coached I and my husband as well as my mother through it all and welcoming my baby boy into the world was truly amazing . I don’t think I could have done it without my Doula. Thanks Marley and Moo Maternity Concierge!
— L. Robinson
Latina was absolutely wonderful! Even though it was my second birth, I felt she provided information and resources that I missed out on with my first birth. She was also super supportive and encouraging during my labor. I will definitely be using her services with any future births.
— A. Allen
If you’re looking for an experienced and caring doula to guide you on your journey to motherhood and beyond, look no further. Latina was my rock during a very difficult labor and delivery. She was the voice of reason when everything else was chaos. Beyond L&D, Marley & Moo’s services from pre and postnatal yoga, to belly binding, to postpartum nutrition made a huge difference in how successfully I navigated the most important (but highly challenging) experience in my life. Highly recommended!
— M. Monroy