Hurricane Harvey - How Can You Help?


Hurricane Harvey is sweeping through Texas and Louisiana causing major devastation with more to come.  Making landfall midnight on Friday, the hurricane has poured over 49 inches of rain across Texas.  A total of 11 trillion gallons of rain has already been dumped on one of the largest states and metropolitan areas in the United States.  

The catastrophic disaster has left many young families without ways to get into the city to bring life into the world and has left many new families without supplies to care for the newest additions to their family.

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The overwhelming support shown by the citizens of Houston and across the nation has been amazing.  Midwives have joined forces to provide services to laboring mothers unable to make it to the hospital, people with personal kayaks and boats have come from near and far to rescue families from their homes and local families have opened their doors to strangers seeking shelter.  In a time of such political and racial divide it is truly amazing to see the out pour of love shown.  

Being in the heart of Houston and having some of our own clients and team members personally affected by this tragedy, we wanted to show our support to new mothers and the babies in Houston too.  Marley & Moo Maternity has teamed up with A Mother's Sanctuary, a non-profit organization run by one of our very own doulas to support mothers battling postpartum, to help make families "whole" again in the aftermath of the storm.  It is the least we can do to help bring direct aide and recovery to the families who have lost everything in the wake of this storm.

Please join our efforts by helping with either financial or in-kind donations.  Together we will rebuild this city.  In-kind donations may be shipped to Marley & Moo Maternity, PO BOX 451446, Houston, TX 77245 or dropped off at Innate Potential Chiropractic starting September 6, 2017.  Please do not ship prior to this date as we want to ensure your donations are received without delay.  Monetary donations may be sent via PayPal to  All donations are tax deductible under Tax ID: 47-1674433.

Needs Include:

  • Baby clothes (4 months - 18 months)
  • Formula
  • Baby Food
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Bottles
  • Books
  • Toys
  • Women's clothing (all sizes): including NEW bras and underwear

If you know any new mothers in the Houston area or if you yourself has been greatly affected by the hurricane, please send your information and needs to

We've got you covered!