Pregnant During the Holidays

8 Tips to make the best out of your holiday pregnancy.


The trick to savoring the holidays while pregnant is to rest and enjoy. While people are speeding through the holiday season, you get the opportunity to slow down and be taken care of.  Here are a few tips to help you make your pregnant holiday season most enjoyable.

1. Skip over the holiday party at your job during the final days of your due date. The priority is to grow a healthy baby so let your family and friends know that long travels and get togethers are not on your to-do list. The last place you want to be during the last stretch of your pregnancy is away from comfort and cozy socks. Take a pass on the extra mingling and standing around. Have your own house party with the hubby. Breakout the un-spiked egg nog and movie the night away.

"Have your own house party with the hubby."


2. Pack your hospital bag early. With all the chaos of the holidays, it’s easy to get distracted and forget something. Try to collect everything you need at least two weeks in advance of your due date and place in an easily accessible place. You’ll thank yourself later.

3. Rest, rest, and more rest. Sleep is imperative for your immune system, health, and strength. You want to be at your best physically and mentally when labor time comes. Elevate your feet, grab snacks and nap away.

4. Avoid travelling far from home. – According to the Royal college of Obstetrics and Gynecology, it is safest to fly before 37 weeks. Most airlines do not allow pregnant women past the 37-week mark to fly so plan and be prepares. If driving or flying for long periods, it is advised to move as much as possible to maintain good circulation. Stop for walks in the car or stretch your legs during the short plane ride.

5. Save holiday leftovers for after the baby is born. Those festive plates are going to come in
handy. You’ll want to refuel with nutritious and delicious foods after labor is over. Ask for to-go
plates, freeze them and treat yourself later.

6. Contact your provider for a holiday schedule. Midwives and doctors have families too. There
may be a change in office hours or on-call schedules that you may want to be informed of.


7. Lock in childcare. Keep an overnight bag ready for your children and ask a close friend or family member to be on standby for babysitting. Find a designated drop-off for the kids and get a backup just in case

8. Make the Holidays about you. This time next year you will have a little one to keep a constant
eye on. Indulge in self-care and take the time to do what makes you happy.

Being pregnant during the holidays may be a bit overwhelming, but it is a great opportunity to be surrounded by extra love and distant relatives while you enjoy the journey of motherhood.

Cheers to making the best out of the holidays and beyond.

- Nandi Brown, Doula